Lee Spiers

June 12, 2020

Posted by HSE Recruitment

The Ex-Military Safety Professional

What if I told you that as an organisation you could employ a safety candidate who has proven themselves in a high-risk environment, and is trustworthy, punctual, keen, and adaptable? As an added incentive, this person could be able to self-fund their safety courses up to the value of £10,000 and have a solid management background. I am sure You’d be thinking - “when can they start?!”

As somebody who speaks to various heads of safety in the construction sector on a daily basis, I'm well aware of the many safety personnel who are ex-forces rising senior roles within the industry. However, since leaving the British Army three years ago, I can say from personal experience, that many service leavers do not move into Health & Safety in the same way as they do in general construction roles such as Site Management. So there is untapped potential for the taking. Organisations such as Build Force and Persimmon Homes have excellent Ex-Military programs, and their success is owed to the standard of the candidate.

During my career in Health and Safety recruitment, I’ve occasionally encountered preconceived ideas about how service leaders would approach safety issues – this is the perfect opportunity to dispel those myths. In the last ten years, the style of leadership in the military has moved away from the dictatorial to the empowered, and soldiers, sailors and airmen are encouraged to be free thinkers, but still have a healthy respect for rules.

Inclusivity is about making sure all talent is visible regardless of background, so feel free to get in touch if you would like to know more, or gain a better understanding of how the service leaver could benefit your business. If you have any opinions on the subject, please comment below.